Drewtoru - Sleep

It was early morning and light was drizzling into their apartment room through the gap of the Curtain – which was blowing lazily from the gentle breeze that entered through their partially opened window. It had been a hot summer that year so Drew and Satoru opted to sleeping naked and wearing very few clothes when actually around the flat (not that it bothered them at all). Drew had woken up early – as he always did – and was watching the light gradually grow bolder and fill the room with an orangey glow and in the bed next to him, was Satoru who was sleeping soundly. The light made a perfect backdrop, making Satoru seem to illuminate as it brushed against his tanned skin.

Drew smiled at the sight of the other boy, Satoru looked so young and adorable…His eyes were closed and his thick, dark eyelashes brushed gently against his cheeks. His dark hair fell across his eyes at the front and was sticking up at the back from his original lying position.

The blonde brushed his thumb against Satoru’s lips. Satoru had undeniably sexy lips and as he slept he pouted and he was once again the innocent boy he met at Dalton who played too much Pokémon and wore geeky glasses that Drew absolutely loved. Drew then ran his fingers along Satoru’s jaw line, traced his finger tips down his neck and across his chest right down to where the thin cotton sheets were wrapped around their waists covering the rest of their naked bodies.

At the touch Satoru shivered and moved closer in his sleep, draping one arm around Drew’s Torso and burying his head into Drew’s chest. Drew smiled and brushed Satoru’s hair with his fingers, gently as to not wake the boy.

With a gentle sigh, Drew closed his eyes and decided that he could probably sleep in a bit longer…

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